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Video Production

Anyone can shoot a video, few can create an outstanding cinematic experience. Meet the Tri-Cities video production company that has worked through out the country. Since 2000, PIXELSOFT FILMS has delivered exceptional storytelling, creative technology, and ingenuity to the largest clients. ​We’re a unique Eastern Washington video production company that doesn’t just create standard videos. We develop content through a traditional theatrical approach... and like most say we are story tellers. We actually do it!


  • 4K RAW Digital Cinema 

  • On-location Shooting

  • Studio Package

  • Dolly and Movi Pro

  • Lighting Packages

  • 4K RAW Editing

  • Casting Services

  • Script Writing

  • Aerial Services

  • Field Audio Recording



are a digital technique that combines video images, pictures, words, typography, illustration, and logos, which are animated to tell, or enhance a story. Motion graphics are often used to explain complex concepts and data points layered over explainer- or educational- videos. Other examples are movie opening sequences, or high-tech scenes with AR (augmented reality) elements.

Video Samples

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